mas lahon

The LAHON family, originating from Brussels (Belgium), moved to Catalonia in 1994. Eric Lahon, the father, became enchanted by the Spanish wine growing realm and decided to exercise his skills in wine tasting and appreciation writing. Among other activities, he organised for more than 5 years wine-tasting sessions for the readers and subscribers to the daily newspaper “La Vanguardia “. Similar sessions were organised on private, professional or factual occasions. While wandering around in the Priorat region looking for interesting wines he could select for his thematic wine-tasting sessions, he discovered a 9.7 ha (around 20 acres) vineyard planted with native old white and red Grenache vines. After a Master in Oenology and Viticulture, he and his family acquired the land and created their own brand of wine….MAS LAHON and its LOU’s were born.
Our activity consists in wine growing, elaboration, fermentation, production and the marketing of our own wines.
Our mission is to pass on and to share our passion with wine lovers eager to discover and taste our finest wines.